Teen Slang

Insults: Dimp, Dipley Nerdly, Nerd, Gink, Lunchbucket, Scuzz, Skag, Melvin, Ding-Bat.
Praise: Bitchin', Mean, Savage, Tuff, Zero Cool, Unreal, Boss, Cherry, Choice, Mint, Neat.

Bread - Money.
Tough Head, Tough Fox, Stone Fox - A sexy girl.
Tiger - A cute boy.
Moby - Exceptionally large: "His house was really moby."
Flag, Flush, Tube It - Fail.
Teenybopper - A pre-teen attached to teen culture.
Trip - A psychedelic drug experience.
Hot Dogger - A surfer with a lot of style.
Hodad - A non-surfer.
Honkin' Around - Doing nothing important.
Coconut - Someone of low intelligence.

"The mini will never happen."
- Fashion columnist and former model Maggie Tabberer

"I am in the middle of a horror show on TV. It's called 'Shindig'. It's not the music so much that makes me sick, but when I can't tell the girls from the boys, someone's got to be put away."
- A female high school sophomore

"Only a few years ago it was difficult to sell the big stores anything a little far out. These days, it has become impossible to shock them with eccentric design. That's how drastically the climate has changed."
- London boutique owner Basil Green

"We have a saying in the movement that we don't trust anybody over thirty."
- Jack Weinberg, a leader of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement

"It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That's the only thing that can save this country."
- Malcolm X, two days before he was murdered by Nation of Islam followers

"You jus' take an' run, an' you burn when they ain't nothin' to take. You burn whitey, man. You burn his tail up so he know what it's all about."
- A black teenager after the Watts riots

"Burn, baby! Burn!"
- Chant of the Watts rioters (taken from popular L.A. DJ Nathaniel "Magnificent" Montague)

"This country has gone mad, but I will not go mad with it. I will not pay for organized murder. I will not pay for the war in Vietnam."
- Folk singer Joan Baez, on her refusal to pay 60% of her income tax

"In a society where it is normal for human beings to drop bombs on human targets, where it is normal to spend 50% of the individual's tax dollar on war, where it is normal . . . to have twelve times overkill capacity, Norman Morrison was not normal. He said, 'Let it stop'."
- John Roemer, friend of self-immolating protester Norman Morrison


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