Teen Slang

Insults: Clod, Square, Bubblehead, Cube, Flimp, Knot Head, Knuckle Head, Kunch.
Praise: Blip, Bong, Choice, Groovy, Munch, Mellow, Sanitary, Wild, Terrifidackulous.

A Cold Biscuit - A girl that doesn't have sex appeal.
Crack Up - To cause to laugh: "You crack me up." "You're a crack up."
Cut - A sharp, insulting remark.
Lumpy - Unsuccessful; unsatisfactory.
Night People - Nonconformists.
Leave a Strip - Drive your car fast.
Snoff - A girl you go out with, but not often; not a "steady".

"Those who threaten us with war should remember that if we can send a rocket with such precision to the moon, we can send it with equal precision to any part of the world."
- Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas Mikoyan

"This station now leaves the air to cooperate with the United States government in conducting a Conelrad drill. Please turn your radio to 640 or 1240 kilocycles for a special Civil Defense program. Normal broadcasting will be resumed in approximately 30 minutes."
- Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

Blair: "I'd like a cup of coffee, please." 
Waitress: "I'm sorry. We don't serve colored here." 
Blair: "I beg to disagree with you. You just finished serving me at
           a counter only two feet from here."

Waitress: "Negroes eat at the other end." 
Blair: "What do you mean? This is a public place, isn't it? 
           If it isn't, then why don't you sell membership cards? If
          you do that, then I'll understand that this is a private concern."
Waitress: "Well, you won't get any service here!"
- Exchange between black student Ezell Blair and a white waitress at the first "sit-in"

"I think I speak for all the law-enforcement agencies when I say we will use all the peaceful means at our disposal to maintain our cherished traditions."
- Montgomery, Alabama Safety Commissioner L. B. Sullivan

"I don't care if the children are polka dot."
Sammy Davis Jr. on his marriage to May Britt

"Is it a book you would wish your wife or servants to read?"
- Prosecutor at the obscenity trial for Lady Chatterley's Lover (The book graphically details the sexual liaison between a married woman and her gamekeeper.)


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