The Top Ten TV Shows
Gunsmoke (CBS)
Wagon Train (NBC)
Danny Thomas (CBS)
The Rifleman (ABC)
Have Gun, Will Travel (CBS)
Father Knows Best (CBS)
Wells Fargo (NBC)
Wyatt Earp (ABC)
The Price is Right (NBC)
Zane Grey Theatre (CBS)


"For people who don't want  a look-alike car but do want a low price tag ... the 1959 Edsel ... made to be the most distinctive car on the road - yet priced with Ford, Chevrolet and Plymouth. And Edsel gives you many eye-opening extras that the low-priced field either forgets or charges extra for."
- Advertisement

"Don't you have a machine that puts food into the mouth and pushes it down? Many things you've shown us are interesting but they are not needed in life. They have no useful purpose. They are merely gadgets." 
- Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to Vice President Nixon during the "Kitchen Debate"


The Average Cost of a New Car: $2,200.00

The Average Cost of a New House: $16,500.00

Cost of a First Class Stamp: 4 cents

Median Household Income: $5,400.00

Articles and Ads from 1959