Teen Slang

Burn Out - A regular user of drugs.
Sucks - Inferior or objectionable; a general term of disparagement.
Trash - To criticize severely.
Wired - Nervous or tense; jittery.
Doobie - A marijuana cigarette.
Psyched - Excited.
Dude - A male; a way to address someone.
Bad - Good.
Foxy - Sexy.
Mellow Out - Calm down; relax.
The Man -  A person or group asserting power or authority over another.

“The home computer age is here - finally."
Popular Electronics editorial on the Altair 8800 "minicomputer"

"The war has ended today, and all Vietnamese are victors. Only the American imperialists are the vanquished. If you still have any feelings for the nation and the people, consider today a happy day."
- North Vietnamese Colonel Bui Tin to South Vietnamese President Duong Van Minh

Summers: “You know, you never defeated us on the battlefield.”
Tu: "That may be so, but it is also irrelevant."
- Exchange between U.S. Colonel Harry Summers and North Vietnamese Colonel Tu

Kissinger: "If you have made plans, we will do our best to keep everyone quiet until the President returns home. Do you anticipate a long guerilla war there?"
Suharto: "There will probably be a small guerilla war."
- Exchange between Indonesian dictator Suharto and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the eve of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor


Articles and Ads from 1975