Teen Slang

Downer - A depressing person or situation.
Yucky - Disgusting; sickening; nasty.
Rip Off - A cheat, swindle or theft.
Dork - A stupid, incompetent or socially awkward person.
Bummer - An unpleasant or disappointing experience.
Boob Tube - Television.
Narc - A narcotics agent; a police informer; snitch; tattler.
Let It All Hang Out - Be relaxed and uninhibited.
Mind-Blowing - Overwhelming; astounding.
Dig - To understand; to like, love or enjoy; to take notice of.
Far Out - Cool; great; extraordinary.
Right On! - Exactly right or to the point; I agree.

"Don't Iron While the Strike is Hot."
- Sign carried during the "Women's Strike for Equality"

"OK, Houston, we've had a problem here." 
- Astronaut John Swigert, Apollo 13

"Subversive elements plan to make American children live in an environment that is good for them."
- A member of the Daughters of the American Revolution regarding Earth Day

"'Stop being juveniles,' a Lindsay aide, Donald Evans, admonished a construction worker. 'What do you mean, being a juvenile?' he replied, punching Mr. Evans on the chin."
- article on the Hard Hat Riot, New York Times

"It is time we stopped making the hardhats into a kind of folk hero. There may be much to sympathize with but very little to admire in these men. It is no coincidence that theirs is among the most racist and racket-ridden of unions. In any other free society we would see them for what they are - thugs and bullies, a dreadful danger to the society, and a dreadful indictment of it, that it should have raised such citizens."
- John Holt, letter to the editor, New York Times Magazine

"Some people say, 'Why did you spend your money on posters or peace campaigns? Why didn't you give it to the Biafran children, or something like that?' And we say, 'We're trying to prevent cancer, not cure it.'
- John Lennon


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