Winsome Teen Earns Top Rates as Model (Grit - October 25, 1964)

This short newspaper item is based on a full-length article about Colleen that appeared in the December 1964 issue of 'Teen magazine. That issue most likely hit the news stands at the time this article was printed. This is not the only time the newspapers printed a story based on a magazine article. I know of several other Colleen related news items that were based on various Seventeen magazine articles, so the practice was not uncommon. I do not believe the original sources were ever credited in these newspapers, though care was apparently taken not to commit plagiarism; everything in this article is worded somewhat differently than in the original article. Even Colleen's direct quotes have been changed! The photo shown here was first printed in a 'Teen magazine fashion spread from December 1963. Unfortunately photos do not xerox well but you can see the original image here. Note the quaint "Doris Lee" column question about inviting a boy to a hay ride. Grit was a weekly newspaper sold mainly in rural areas.