Where Are They Now? (US - March 19, 1990)

Eleven-year-old Colleen started modeling with Ford in 1959, therefore by 1979 she had been modeling for 20 years. She landed on the cover of Seventeen magazine 15 times between 1964 and 1969, including five times in 1964 and four times in 1968 (but not always with just herself on the cover). 1969 was the last time she was on a Seventeen cover and she did not appear inside the magazine at all after 1971 except in occasional ads. I am told by someone who knew Colleen at the time that she never had any acting jobs on TV except in commercials. Her movie contract only garnered her one small non-speaking role in one movie. Tragically, Colleen's husband would die of cancer only four years after this article was printed. Colleen still lives in Miami to this day.