UPI Photo and Bulletin (August 9, 1963)

This bulletin is the earliest reference to Colleen that I have yet come across. As far as I know it is the very first mention of Colleen's movie contract. Ironically it is also one of the few times during her career that she expresses a preference for modeling over acting. As will be true of every future article written about Colleen during her career, the wrong age is given for the start of her career. Though she did have some early modeling experience back in Wilkes-Barre (for The Boston Store), her career can really be said to have started when she was signed by Ford Models at the age of 11. At the time of this bulletin's release, Colleen had only just turned 16. Also included here is an example of how this item was used in a newspaper, the Star-News, on August 11, 1963. ($50 in 1963 would be the equivalent of $386 today.) The original scans of these items were made by an eBay seller who offered them for sale along with one other photo of an unidentified model.


Colleen Corby (UPI Photo - 1963)