UPI Article (Traverse City Record Eagle - September 5, 1963)

This UPI article was apparently the origin of the UPI bulletin shown in the previous image. The photo and caption shown here, as well as the last paragraph (in bold print) are actually from a printing of this article that appeared in the European Stars and Stripes "Teen Talent" section on April 5, 1964. That printing gave the byline as "Gay Pauley, UPI women's editor". Though essentially the same artcle (with some minor rewording here and there) it lacked several paragraphs that appeared in this September 5, 1963 printing. It did, however, contain that one additional paragraph (mentioned above) that did not appear in this 1963 printing. This is the first and only mention of the Marge McDermott Agency as Colleen's first employer. Colleen actually started modeling when she was still living in WilkesBarre, and she started as a Ford model about a month before her twelfth birthday in the summer of 1959, after her family had moved to New York. Colleen turned 14 years old in the summer of 1961. In a 1975 Models magazine article, Colleen is quoted as saying that she started with Ford's agency just after moving to New York. (I should mention that, just as this 1963 article gives the wrong starting age for Colleen's career, that 1975 article does so as well.) Since the McDermott agency specializes in young models, perhaps that is the agency Colleen originally started with back in WilkesBarre. You can see Colleen's first American Girl cover here, though she was actually still 13 when the picture was taken, she would have turned 14 when this issue hit the stands. (Her birthday is August 3rd.)