Top Teen-Age Style Model (The Spokesman-Review - June 25, 1966)

"The Swinging Set" was a syndicated column by Sylvie Reice covering teenage interests. There's an interesting mix-up here on the fan mail from a congressman story ('Teen, Dec 1963). (I doubt congressmen receive any fan mail.) Colleen was soon to turn 19 when this story was printed and was probably about to move out on her own into one of those "high-rent apartments" that we will see her living in in later articles. What's noteworthy about this article is its story of how Colleen became a model, a story repeated nowhere else. Colleen, of course, was already a Ford model at the age of 11, but other aspects of the story may be true. Colleen's movie contract was actually signed back in 1963, but Colleen's apparent dismissal of a movie offer and her comparison of the salaries of top models and starlets may presage the end of her attempts to become an actress, which in fact came to nothing. (The starlet's $250 would equal $1,822 today, while Colleen's $1,500 would equal $10,900 and her $60 an hour would be $437 an hour.) There are a few typos in The Spokesman-Review's printing of this column: "Milly" should be "Molly", and "It was an almost overnight success. (preteen things)" should read - "She was an almost overnight success. She started modeling fashion (preteen things)". Colleen's "horrible" breakfast concoction is actually lauded by her (with the exchange of fruit for milk) in the September 1966 Seventeen article "I Love Breakfast".