My How She's Grown #2 (Models - September/October 1975)

Catalog modeling pays the highest rates and "all day bookings" are typical. Hence such work is very lucrative and much sought after by models. The more glamorous magazine fashion modeling (what is known as "editorial" modeling) pays much less but allows the model greater exposure, as well as the chance to work with top photographers and to model the best and latest fashions at a relatively leisurely pace and often in exotic locations around the world. In contrast, catalog modeling tends to be long, boring, tedious work. But not all catalog modeling takes place in front of a blank screen in a drab studio like this one. Like the magazines, catalogs will sometimes take their models outside of the studio and travel to more interesting interior or outdoor locations (as in the Aldens cover below). Colleen did a great deal of editorial modeling in the Sixties, but she also had a heavy workload of catalog modeling throughout both decades of her long career.