Modeling: Money and Madness! #2 ('Teen - December 1963)

At 5' 7" and 98 lbs Colleen was definitely underweight, and that is most evident in her early swimwear photos, despite Eileen Ford's ridiculous claim that "The camera adds at least ten pounds to everyone it photographs." I don't blame Colleen for being so enthusiastic about the excessive pay of fashion models, but see the 'Teen, October 1966 article "How to be a Model" for a completely contrary attitude from a former model. (Photographer Justin Kerr and his wife Barbara are featured in that same article.) I assume Colleen's "fan letter from a Congressman" praised her as a wholesome role model for the teens of the day. The $130 Jennifer O'Neill paid to board her horse would be the equivalent of $1,020 today.