Girls Take Over ('Teen - July 1964)

Colleen moved to New York in 1959, which was five years earlier, not three. Colleen's hourly rate is mentioned often in these articles. When adjusting for inflation, 16-year-old Colleen was being paid $457 an hour in today's money or about $7.60 a minute. That's $22,850 a week (for a 50 hour week) and over a million dollars a year. It's no wonder Colleen was so enthusiastic about the amount of money to be made modeling (see 'Teen - Dec 1963). "Both models and actresses share the talent of having to tell a story, despite the fact that models don't have speaking parts." Alas, poor Colleen; her contract with Universal Studios amounted to nothing. She only appeared in one movie, and it was not a speaking part.