Even Colleen Corby Has Problems (Tiger Beat - October 1965)

Here Colleen makes a second appearance in this the second issue of Tiger Beat, and this time she merits a cover photo, though only in the upper right corner. (Colleen did not appear on the cover of the very first Tiger Beat, only her name [which was misspelled with only one "l"] and the words "America's No. One Beauty".) It's a testament to Colleen's popularity at the time that she should be featured in both the first and second issues of the magazine and also go on to appear in the third issue in an article titled “Beauty Secrets of the Stars”. Unlike the first Tiger Beat article (see previous article), this one has all original content. ("Tiger", by the way, was teen slang for a cute boy.) Colleen's intensified acting training at this time reflects her stated desire ('Teen, Dec 1964) to seriously pursue an acting career after she turned 18. You can see one of Colleen's TV commercials here. (This article was generously donated to me by "bobbysgirl".)