Sears Catalog
(Spring & Summer 1979)

(Colleen turned 32 years old on August 3, 1979.)

(Photos for the big Sears and JCPenneys catalogs were typically taken 6 months prior to the publication of the catalog, and the Spring & Summer books were distributed in the middle of the previous winter, therefore none of the images in this section were actually taken in 1979. Colleen's August 1979 New York Times wedding announcement refers to her as "a former model", so Colleen may have actually quit modeling at the end of 1978 when the Fall & Winter 1979 catalog photos would have been taken. Colleen did attempt a comeback in the early Eighties, but I have only one photo from that time period. It can be seen here.)

Colleen in Catalogs

What else was happening in 1979?

The Seventies - 1979