Girl Scout Equipment Catalog (Fall 1959 - Spring 1960)

Unfortunately this is the only image I have of Colleen from 1959 and it is the only image I have ever seen of her from that year. I used to think that this was Colleen's very first published modeling photo, but since Colleen mentioned in a recent interview to a Wilkes-Barre newspaper that she actually did some modeling for a local store in the years prior to her family's move to New York, this cannot be her very first modeling photo. However, it is almost certainly her first photo as a professional model in New York, and her first job as a Ford model. Colleen mentions this cover in an April 1969 'Teen magazine article where she states that she remembers her first job "vividly". "It was a cover for American Girl. I was so nervous!" American Girl was the magazine of the Girl Scouts of the USA. But Colleen did not appear on the cover of American Girl until March 1961. She doesn't even appear in that magazine at all until the middle of 1960 (not even in ads). It's likely that after 10 years Colleen confused one Girl Scout publication with another. This cover fits exactly the right time period. Colleen started with Ford at the end of June 1959 and photos for catalogs are typically taken at least two months in advance (even longer for very large catalogs like Sears).
(This catalog was generously donated to me by Susan Camp.)

Colleen Corby (Girl Scout Equipment Catalog - 1959)

(Colleen turned 12 years old on August 3, 1959.)

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