The Top Ten TV Shows
Bonanza (NBC)
Bewitched (ABC)
Gomer Pyle, USMC (CBS)
The Fugitive (ABC)
The Andy Griffith Show (CBS)
The Red Skelton Hour (CBS)
The Munsters (CBS)
The Lucy Show (CBS)
The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS)
Peyton Place II (ABC)


"I was born to be great. I am great. I will be greater - the greatest."
- Cassius Clay, who soon after winning the heavyweight boxing championship
converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali

Reporter: "What do you think your music does for these people?"
Paul: "Uhh . . . "
John: "Hmmm. Well . . . "
Ringo: "I don't know. It pleases them, I think. Well, it must do, 'cuz they're buying it."
Reporter: "Why does it excite them so much?"
Paul: "We don't know, really."
John: "If we knew, we'd form another group and be managers."
- Press conference at JFK airport on The Beatles' first arrival
in the U.S.

"These are the stakes! To make a world in which all of God's children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die."
- President Lyndon Johnson, voiceover on the "Daisy Girl" ad

"There's a time when the operations of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to indicate to the people who own it that unless you're free, the machines will be prevented from working at all."
- Mario Savio, a leader of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement

"We are now about to authorize the President, if he sees fit, to move our Armed Forces . . . not only into South Vietnam, but also into North Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand. . . . That means sending our American boys into combat in a war in which we have no business, which is not our war, into which we have been misguidedly drawn, which is steadily being escalated. . . . I am opposed to sacrificing a single American boy in this venture. We have lost far too many already. . . ."
- Senator Ernest Gruening (Dem. - Alaska) on the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution


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