Family Hour/50s vs 70s Sitcoms (TV Guide - February 5 - 11, 1977)

In 1975, in response to widespread criticism by Congress, by the FCC and by the public over the broadcasting of sex and violence on TV, the National Association of Broadcasters established a "Family Viewing Time" in which only programming suitable for young viewers could be broadcast during the first hour of prime time (8 to 9 PM). But in 1976 the policy was overturned in court, and the imposition of Family Viewing Time officially ended in the fall of 1977.

Family Veiwing Time (TV Guide - 1977)

60s vs 70s Sitcoms (TV Guide -1977)60s vs 70s Sitcoms (TV Guide -1977)60s vs 70s Sitcoms (TV Guide -1977)