Portfolio #6 (Late Sixties)

Colleen's marriage to fellow model Joey Hunter (who is pictured here with Colleen in the final photo of this composite) occurred some time in the late Sixties or early Seventies, which means they may have already been married (or at least a couple) at the time this photo was taken. That possibility certainly gives added meaning to Colleen's adoring gaze. It's also rather telling that this photo is included in Colleen's portfolio, since it is clearly Joey Hunter who is the focus of this image, while Colleen appears to be nothing more than a beautiful accessory. Joey Hunter was a top male model who frequently appeared alongside Colleen in the fashion pages of Seventeen magazine (in that case of course it was the men who were the accessories to the women). Those shoots for Seventeen were most likely how they met (though they sometimes appeared together in ads as well). This photo was not taken for Seventeen magazine, but there is still a Seventeen connection; the photographer for this shot was none other than Joseph Santoro, the primary fashion photographer for Seventeen during the Sixties.

Joey Hunter & Colleen Corby