Headsheet (1969)

On this excerpt from a 1969 head sheet, we see Colleen and her younger sister, Molly (who followed Colleen into the modeling business). The information shown is (from the top): the model's name, the agency’s phone number, the model’s height, dress size, hair & eye color, shoe size and hourly rate (it seems Molly was as successful as Colleen in that regard). The symbols next to Colleen’s name indicate particular selling points, such as "excellent hands" or "excellent legs", though I don't know specifically what Colleen's symbols mean. (She does seem to have quite a few selling points, though.) Along with that information is a listing of the latest magazines then available in which examples of the model’s work could be seen. The issue and name of the magazine is given as well as the pages where the model can be found. (The capitol letters indicate the location of the model within the picture: Left, Right, Center, Bottom and Top. See below for the actual pages referred to in the April issue of Mademoiselle ["Apr. Mlle"].) As you can see, Colleen has been a lot busier than Molly, though they both appear in the same magazine issues twice. ($60 in 1969 is the equivalent of $417 today.)
(Original scan by "ModelHistory".)

Colleen Corby & Molly Corby (Head Sheet - 1969)