Composite #1

The first photo in a composite typically includes not only the model's name and the name of her agency (in this case "The Fords") but also the model's measurements and clothing sizes. Listed on this photo is the following information for Colleen: (dress) Size: 7-8-9, Height: 5' 7" sf (stocking feet), Bust: 32, Waist: 23, Hips: 33, Hair: Brunette, Eyes: Green, Shoe: 7A, Hat: 22, Glove: 6. "Sanford Leigh" is another modeling agency that must have had some kind of arrangement with the Ford agency. All composite photos were originally used in advertisements or magazines; none were taken specifically for the composite (though a model who is just starting out would have to use "test shots" in her first composite). The agency would probably choose the photos for a beginning model, but it's possible, I think, that an established model like Colleen might have had some input, or chosen herself, what photos to include in her composite. I do not know when this photo (or the following one) were taken, but my guess, from Colleen's appearance, is that they could be from the late Sixties or perhaps even the early Seventies.
(Original scan by "ModelHistory".)

Colleen Corby