Lillie Rubin Catalog (Early 1980s)

Alicia Boyle and Colleen. This photo was originally posted on photographer Jerry Hinkle's Facebook page. It was taken in Coral Gables, Florida, where Colleen moved after she initially gave up modeling in 1979 to marry businessman Peter Bernuth. (She has lived there ever since.) Colleen's 1980s career lasted from 1981 to 1984 (from the time she had her first child to the time she had her second). She would have been anywhere from 34 to 37 years old at that time. Jerry Hinkle's wife, Hillary, did the makeup on this shoot, and she and Jerry made the following comments about it: Hillary - "Jerry was giving hand signals for the models to move to different spots, and he asked Colleen why she was not responding. She said, 'Cause I can't see a thing without my glasses!' She wore thick specs off camera." Jerry - "I remember her saying that and just laugh so hard!!! Both GREAT models!!!"

Alicia Boyle & Colleen Corby (Lillie Rubin Catalog - Early 1980s)